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18 September 2014 @ 09:26 pm
title: Superhero
pairing: Luhan / Sehun, slight!kaisoo
rating: g
genre: kids!au, kind of slice-of-life + fluff
length: 1000+ w
summary: Luhan just moved to South Korea from China two weeks ago, and he finds it difficult to adjust to his new life (especially in school). But no worries, Super Sehun is by his side!
a/n: just a short drabble inspired by this fanart!
"I'm not a baby!"Collapse )
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title: Oh Sehun, The Male God (According to Kim Jongin)
pairing: Kai / Sehun
rating: pg-13
genre: ++++++fluffy
length: 1600+ w
summary: Jongin thinks he's a male god until he met Sehun.
a/n: word vomit;;; i wrote this like 2 years ago??

Jongin had never heard of an Oh Sehun in his entire life.Collapse )