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18 September 2014 @ 09:26 pm
title: Superhero
pairing: Luhan / Sehun, slight!kaisoo
rating: g
genre: kids!au, kind of slice-of-life + fluff
length: 1000+ w
summary: Luhan just moved to South Korea from China two weeks ago, and he finds it difficult to adjust to his new life (especially in school). But no worries, Super Sehun is by his side!
a/n: just a short drabble inspired by this fanart!

Luhan sighs, as the 10 year old dragged his feet home. His arms hurt, a purple bruise blooming on each of his elbows, a result he had gotten when his classmates pushed him and he fell on the hard ground.

Luhan was the new student in town, having to move from China just 2 weeks ago and he was enrolled into a nearby school. He hadn’t learn any Korean, only for a simple “Hello” and “Nice to meet you.”. The language barrier had led him to only a few friends and also the new target for the mean kids in his class to pick on.

The bullies would always steal his pocket money or pushed him around. They would call him names, and even though Luhan doesn't really understand what they were saying, it was obviously nothing but insults.

Luhan doesn’t understand why he was bullied. He was well-liked when he was still in China, he was one of the popular students with lots of boys and girls who wanted to be his friend and the teachers dotes on him too. Tears welled up his eyes as Luhan clutched tightly on his backpack straps, trying his hardest not to cry because big boys don’t cry!

Before he knew it, he had reached the doorsteps of his house. Luhan took a deep breath, forcing out a smile before taking another step, ready to face his mother. He didn’t want his mother to worry about him because he’s 10 and a big boy and he can face this problem alone.

“Luhan hyung!”

Luhan turned around, only to see a cute 6 year old boy running towards him.

”Sehun ah!” Luhan genuinely grinned widely, giggling as the 7 year old almost stumbled on a small rock.

Sehun lived just next door and Luhan remembered clearly how they first meet. His parents had invited the Ohs to their house for dinner on the 2nd day Luhan had moved into the neighbourhood. Luhan had made a 90 degree bow, remembering what his parents had taught him about the korean culture, to welcome the guests and suddenly he heard a, “Wah! Bambi!!”

Luhan looked up and saw a boy shorter than him, with a bowl hair cut wearing a sweater which was a little too big for the tiny boy’s short frame. The boy’s skin was pale, his limbs thin and scrawny, but his smile was so bright with his eyes turning into crescents.

That night, Luhan had became friends with someone 4 years younger than him and he was totally ok with that because Sehun’s smile was heart warming and comforting.

“What is it, Sehun-ah?” instinctively, Luhan petted Sehun’s hair, a habit whenever he sees the younger boy.

“I’m going to the playground to play with Jongin and Kyungsoo hyung! Do you want to join us?” Sehun asked, his bright smile still plastered on his small face looking up at Luhan with hopeful eyes.

Chuckling, Luhan nodded and Sehun cheered. The elder of the two left his bag in his house, shouting, “Mom! I’m going off to the playground with Sehun!” and left the porch, hand holding onto Sehun’s tightly.

There was nobody in the playground except for Jongin and Kyungsoo who were playing in the sandbox. Jongin is Sehun’s classmate in school and Kyungsoo is Jongin’s neighbour. They lived only a few blocks away from Sehun and Luhan.

”Hi Luhan hyung!” 8-year-old Kyungsoo waved, and Jongin gave a small shy smile.

“Hi!” Luhan smiled back to the two younger boys.

Surprisingly the playground was empty, probably because it was almost dinner time so the 4 boys had the playground all to themselves.

“Let’s play the seesaw!! Come on!” Sehun excitedly exclaimed, his hand was being held my Luhan’s and pulled the elder towards the said seesaw.

“Luhan hyung! Since you’re much taller than us how about Sehun, Jongin and I sits on one side and you’re the other!” Kyungsoo sheepishly suggested.

Luhan didn’t exactly understood what Kyungsoo had said, only bits of pieces he understood and by the actions of the big-eyed boy, Luhan assumed Kyungsoo had told him to sit on the other side of the seesaw, and so he does. The other 3 boys sat at the other end of the seesaw.
Luhan stared at his laughing younger friends, who seems delighted at how high the plank of the seesaw is going. His mind drifted off for awhile, his problems overcame his thoughts again. The insults, the mean laughters, the pushes and mockery, Luhan can’t stand it. It’s so hard, so so hard.

“Luhan hyung?”

Luhan looked up only to realised the seesaw had stopped moving and the 3 younger boys were staring at him with widened eyes, looking surprised and afraid. Sehun was the first one to get off the seesaw before running towards the elder.

“Luhan hyung, why are you crying?” Sehun asked, confusion and concern expressed on his tiny face.

Luhan touched his own face and realised he had been crying. He chuckled and quickly wiped the tears away with his hands.

“Luhan hyung! I’m sorry if you’re upset that I asked you to sit alone on the seesaw!” Kyungsoo panicked.

“No! That’s not it!” Luhan laughed, trying to calm the 8 year old down.

“Are you ok?” Jongin asked softly, his small hand clutching on Kyungsoo’s sleeve tightly, showing concern over Luhan’s sadness.

Luhan sighs, a small sad smile still etched on his face, “It’s just... Difficult in school...” Luhan confessed to his 3 younger friends.

“Who dares to bully my Luhan hyung!” Sehun frowned, small hands on his hips.

Luhan chuckled at Sehun’s cute antics.

“Is anyone really bullying you hyung?” Kyungsoo asked, worried, “If yes, you should tell your parents or a teacher. Please don’t keep this to yourself!” Jongin nodded vigorously, agreeing to every word Kyungsoo had said.

“Or tell me!” Sehun raised his hand.

The 6 year old fair-skinned boy stood on a huge rock, which coincidentally was beside Luhan and it made Sehun look as tall as Luhan, “Sehun will protect Luhan hyung! Just tell me who bothers you hyung! Sehun will banish them!”

Luhan could only laugh, but his heart swelled at how concern Sehun was. Luhan hugged the skinny boy into his arms, before carrying him with ease.

“Hyung~!” Sehun whined, “I’m not a baby!”

“Of course you’re not a baby!” Luhan chuckled, “You’re my superhero!”

Luhan kissed Sehun on his chubby cheek, leaving the younger giggling in glee.


“Hyung...” Jongin pulled on Kyungsoo’s shirt.

“What is it Jongin-ah?”

“I want a kiss too...”
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